Wood Spirit Walking Stick 101Welcome to my wood carving site. I have created this website because I love to carve. Working with wood is a wonderful experience, especially for someone who loves nature and the outdoors.

Some days I may be in the forest or along the river bank, depending on the type of wood I need for my next carving project.

Wood carving has become a passion for me. Each piece of wood has its own unique scent and texture. I prefer to carve without a plan or pattern, and with each chisel stroke you will find it very easy to coax a wood spirit or face out of the wood.

Since I spend time in the Ozarks and on the East Coast, I am able to find a good supply of carving wood. My walking sticks are usually carved from maple or dogwood. Both carve very well and have a very light color to show off the carving. This type of wood is very strong and lightweight when seasoned and ready to carve.

Cottonwood bark or driftwood is used for the faces I carve as a wall hanging. As you browse my site, I hope you will enjoy looking, or perhaps buying one of my carvings.

Wood Spirit Walking Stick 105-3

Walking Sticks and Wood Spirits

All of my wood carvings are created with a mallet, wood carving chisels and knives. I prefer not to use powered carving tools or use computer generated carving machines. This allows each carving to be unique, and one of a kind.

If you purchase any of my carvings please understand that each carving was once a living object and will contain minor flaws and imperfections. I strive to do my best in creating a flawless finish on each carving.

These are the steps required to create a walking stick:

Bark removed
Sanded smooth
A coat of sander/sealer is applied
When the carving is complete, a final coat of satin finish is applied.

Carvings made from Cottonwood bark or driftwood usually require sand/dust to be removed and a final coat of satin wood finish.

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